Tara Chambler is a minor character in The Walking Dead's tv series. She was a member of the Governor's Miltia and is now a member of Rick's group.

TV SeriesEdit

Tara, her sister Lilly, her niece Meghan, and her father David came acrossed the Governor who told them that his name was Brian. When David died,
(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 406 The Walking Dead Live Bait

(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 406 The Walking Dead Live Bait

Tara and the others leave. The four are chased in the woods by walkers, leading to Brian and Meghan falling into a pit of walkers. Caesar Martinez takes the four into his camp. Tara starts a relationship with Alisha. Tara watches Brian decapitate Hershel. Tara then leaves the war. Tara is later found by Glenn. Tara comes acrossed Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene who take her and Glenn with them. Tara watches as Maggie and Glenn are reunited. Tara and the others arrive at Terminus and are taken hostage in a boxcar with Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl.

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