Shane Walsh is a main character in the tv series and comic series who has an affair with his partner Rick's wife Lori.

TV SeriesEdit

Shane Walsh took his partner Rick's wife Lori and there son Carl to the
Inside Episode 212 The Walking Dead Better Angels

Inside Episode 212 The Walking Dead Better Angels

Atlanta camp. Shane became the leader of the Atlanta camp. Shane began to have an affair with Rick's wife Lori. When Rick reunites with Lori and Carl, Shane isn't happy that Lori is ignoring him. When the camp is overun, Shane tries to save the women and children. While hunting in the woods, Dale catches Shane raising his gun on Rick. Shane leaves with the others to the CDC. Shane is drunk, so he confronts Lori. After Shane leaves the CDC, Shane along with Rick and Carl search for Sophia. While searching, Shane and Rick watch as Otis shoots Carl. Shane and Otis head off to get medicine for Carl, so Shane shoots Otis and leaves him for walkers. Shane begins to confront Dale. When Rick tells Shane that Lori is pregnant, Shane tells Lori that the baby is his. Shane breaks open Hershel's barn of walkers, shoots the walkers, and watches as Rick shoots the undead Sophia. When Rick brings back Randall, Shane wants to kill him, but Dale wants to not kill him. Shane loars Randall out and breaks his neck, Shane comes back to the group and tells them that Randall ran off. Shane and Rick look for Randall, When Shane pulls a gun on Rick, but Rick stabs Shane. Shane turns into a walker, so Carl shoot him.

Comic SeriesEdit