Sasha is the younger sister of Tyreese who appeared in Season 3. Sasha is a member of the council and has shown to care about the safety of others.

TV SeriesEdit

Sasha along with her brother Tyreese and a family of Allen, Donna, and there son Ben fight off walkers in the woods, which leads to Donna being bit. Sasha and the others take safety in a prison, where they run into a little boy named Carl. Carl takes them into the prison and locks them in a cell block. Sasha confronts Beth about Judith, thinking that it's Beth's baby. Sasha, Tyreese, Allen, and Ben have a funeral for Donna. Rick kicks the four out of the prison. After getting kicked out, Sasha and the others run into a woman named Andrea and scientist named Milton. Milton takes Sasha, Tyreese, Allen, and Ben to Woodbury, where they stay. When the Governor
(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 413 The Walking Dead Alone-0

(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 413 The Walking Dead Alone-0

decides to have Woodbury go after the prison survivors, Sasha and Tyreese stay behind to watch after the children and other survivors. Sasha and Tyreese along with the others from Woodbury are welcomed to the prison by Rick. Sasha becomes a member of the council. Sasha gets sick with the illness going around the prison. The survivors bring back medicine, which Sasha needed. Sasha thanks Bob Stookey for helping her with the sickness. When the Governor attacks, Sasha leaves the prison with Bob and Maggie. Maggie leaves Sasha and Bob to look for Glenn, but Sasha decides to stay by herself in the city. Sasha runs into Maggie and they reunite with Bob. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob are found by Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene who take them back to Glenn and Tara. They head to Terminus, where they are taken hostage in a boxcar. The group is reunited with Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Sasha was a firefighter before the outbreak.
  • Sasha's last name is possibly Williams.
  • The clothes Sasha wears for the Season 4 promotional pictures are similar to the clothes Andrea wears in the comic series.