Michonne is a main character from The Walking Dead tv series and comic series. Michonne is the mysterious woman who carries around two walkers and a katana sword. Michonne is first seen saving Andrea in the tv series. Michonne is the mother of Andre.

TV SeriesEdit

When the outbreak occurred, Michonne along with her lover Mike, Mike's friend Terry, and her son Andre headed to a camp. At the camp Mike and Terry were bit and Andre was killed. Michonne cut off Mike and Terry's arms and jaws, when they turned and kept them on chains. Michonne saved Andrea from walkers in the woods. Michonne protected Andrea while she
(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Inside Episode 303 The Walking Dead Walk With Me

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Inside Episode 303 The Walking Dead Walk With Me

was sick. Michonne and Andrea came acrossed Merle Dixon and the Governor. The Governor introduced them to a town called Woodbury. Michonne thought the Governor was a bad man, but Andrea had a crush on him. Michonne leaves Woodbury, while Andrea stays behind. The Governor sends Merle, Tim, Crowley, and Gargulio to kill Michonne, which Michonne kills Tim and Crowley. Michonne watches Merle kidnap Maggie and Glenn, so Michonne takes the baby formula to the prison. Michonne is saved by Rick and Carl. Michonne takes Rick, Daryl, and Oscar to Woodbury to save Maggie and Glenn. While in Woodbury, Michonne sneaks into the Governor's room and kills his undead daughter Penny. Michonne then injures the Governor's eye in a fight with him. Michonne heads back to the prison after saving Maggie and Glenn. Merle takes Michonne to the Governor, so the Governor will leave the prison alone, but Merle lets Michonne go. Michonne returns to the prison and prepares to go to war with Woodbury. After the group scares away Woodbury, Michonne along with Rick and Daryl come acrossed Karen who tells them that the Governor killed all the soilders. Michonne and the others return to Woodbury to find Andrea bitten. Michonne stays with Andrea as Andrea shoots herself to prevent reanimation. Michonne continues to look for the Governor. Michonne and Hershel are taken hostage by the Governor who wants the prison. The Governor kills Hershel, so Michonne escapes. While the Governor is beating Rick, Michonne stabs him with her katana and leaves him to die. Michonne finds Rick and Carl in an abandoned house. Michonne and Carl develope a friendship. Michonne, Rick, and Carl head for Terminus. After reuniting with Daryl, the four head to Terminus. When Rick discovers that the people from Terminus have Glenn's watch, Michonne and the others fight them. Michonne, Rick, Carl, and Daryl are taken hostage in a boxcar with Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

Comic SeriesEdit

Interesting FactsEdit

  • In Issue 49, Michonne is mentioned to be the strongest character.
  • Michonne was introduced in Issue 19, while she was introduced in Episode 19 in the tv series.
  • She is the first female to have an action figure.
  • Michonne is mentioned to like stale M&Ms.
  • Actress Danai Gurira watches samurai movies to train for Michonne.