Maggie Greene is Hershel Greene's daughter who married Glenn. Maggie is the adoptive mother of Sophia. Maggie Greene is a character in the tv series and comic series. Lauren Cohan potrays Maggie Greene.

TV SeriesEdit

When Carl was shot and brought to the farm, Maggie was one of the people helping her father Hershel with Carl's injury. Maggie has a spark with Glenn. When Glenn discovers the barn full of walkers, Maggie wants him to keep it secret, but Glenn tells the group. Maggie watches has the walkers are shot. Maggie forgives Glenn. When the farm is overun, Maggie leaves with Glenn
(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 413 The Walking Dead Alone

(SPOILERS) Inside Episode 413 The Walking Dead Alone

and later reunites with the other survivors. Maggie helps the other survivors clear out a prison which they stay in. When an inmate named Andrew lets walkers into the prison, Maggie looks for safety with Lori and Carl. Maggie delievers Judith, but Lori dies in the process. Maggie and Glenn make a run for supplies, when they are kidnapped by Merle Dixon. Maggie is assaulted by the Governor. Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and Oscar save Glenn and Maggie. Maggie accepted Glenn's request to marry him. Maggie helps the group scare Woodbury away from the prison. Maggie tells Glenn that she dosen't want to be afraid of living. Maggie and Beth watch as the Governor decapatate Hershel. Maggie leaves with Sasha and Bob. Maggie looks for Glenn after the prison's assault. Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita find Maggie, Sasha, and Bob and take them back to Glenn and Tara. Maggie and the others arrive at Terminus who take them hostage. Rick, Carl, Michonne, and Daryl come acrossed Maggie's group who are also taken hostage in a boxcar.

Comic SeriesEdit

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Maggie is the first female member of Rick's group to kill another person.
  • In the comics Maggie adopted Sophia, but in the tv series she never saw Sophia, until she turned into a walker.
  • Maggie killed an inmate in both the comics and tv series. Maggie killed Thomas Richard in the comic series to save Patricia. In the tv series, she kills Oscar to prevent reanimation.