Lizzie Samuels is a character in the tv series. Lizzie is the older sister of Mika and she looks up to Carol.

TV SeriesEdit

Lizzie along with Mika, Luke, and Molly is seen naming the walkers. Carl confronts her and they argue about the walkers. When her father is bitten,
(SPOILERS) Talked About Scene Episode 414 The Walking Dead The Grove

(SPOILERS) Talked About Scene Episode 414 The Walking Dead The Grove

Lizzie and Mika cry as Carol kills him before reanimation. Lizzie starts to look up to Carol. Lizzie becomes sick. Carol sees Lizzie and prepares her for coming acrossed danger. Lizzie tries to save Glenn from a walker, which Hershel kills. When Lizzie isn't sick anymore, Lizzie tells Mika, Luke, and Molly about Carol telling them to stand up for themselves. Lizzie saves Tyreese by shooting two of the Governor's soilders. Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese, and Judith leave the prison. When Tyreese leaves the girls, Lizzie almost suffocates Judith, trying to keep her quiet. Carol finds Lizzie, Mika, Judith, and Tyreese. The five head for Terminus, but they stop a pecon grove. Carol discovers Lizzie playing with a walker, so Carol kills it, and Lizzie begins to scream at Carol. Lizzie feeds a rat to a walker, when walkers show up. Lizzie tries to save Mika. Carol and Tyreese come acrossed Lizzie who had killed Mika. Tyreese tells Carol that Lizzie was the one who was feeding the walkers at the prison. Carol shoots Lizzie and buries her next to Mika.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Lizzie kills Mika, similar to Ben who killed Billy. Lizzie killed Mika to prove that walkers are just different, just like Ben did to Billy.
  • Lizzie is the tv series counterpart of Ben.